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A directory of graduate film projects which will be screened at the DJCAD degree show, held at the University of Dundee in May 2011. Follow the production blogs of individual projects via the links below.
Public show now on at the Dundee Degree Show -
Our graduation films are looped in our walk in cinema from 21st May to 29th May. Come along to view our films and the work behind them or, if you can't make it, the final outcomes will be avalaible in the next few days here at

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The Flying Duchess - John Harkins, Freya Hotson & Kieran Baxter
The Flying Duchess -

Innocence - Sarah Gillespie & Amy Thomas
Innocence -

Turtles Run - Reece Morton
Turtles Run -

Mouse-tache - Xzandra Burns & Georgina Richardson
Mouse-tache -

A Sweet Disposition - Eleanor Affleck & Sarah Dargie
A Sweet Disposition -

D'ARK - Jamie Keddie, Forrest Thomson & Callum Simpson

My Welcome Intruders - Daniel Borg & Michael Wilborn
My Welcome Intruders -

The Jester - Luke Smith & Bo Yang Zhao
The Jester -

The Leviathan - Ali Stevenson, Daryl McShane & Mark Lumsden
The Leviathan -

Mawkins Backfire - Brian Lindsay & Joseph McMahon
Mawkins Backfire -

Over and Out - Sarah Dargie
over | and | out -

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Degree show fundraiser ideas anyone?


  1. Prostitution, space cakes and a swearword-themed night out. Can't see a problem with any one of those.

  2. All good ideas. Um, any more?

  3. Something along the burlesque theme will get it approved by the Ents quickly (judging by previous years, and the *ahem* questionable names of some of the clubnights this year). Costumes don't require too much thought either, which is good.

    We also need a dedicated committee, rather then leaving it to one person. Four or five people to definitely be there to PR... or, alternatively, a PR rota.

  4. Cake sales always bring in the money if there are any good bakers? :)

  5. Good ideas, I agree we need to assign roles. I volunteer for any website work! =)

  6. Me and Eleanor can do cakes¡ I second Sarah on this motion and think we should get onto it soonish...